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"My first recollection of being part of the construction industry is riding on a cable operated Caterpillar dozer. Probably a D6. Hands over my ears, it was noisy for a 6 year old. My first recollection of safety was when my father, Mason Hise, told me not to rub the wool rag together, as it could cause a spark which would be disastrous when we were washing engine parts in solvent.

I am the second generation owner of CEMCO, a business that presently manufactures Vertical Shaft Impact crushers and other specialty equipment.

As a family we were always in the construction or mining business. After WWII ended, my father came home from England where he had met my mother and went to work with his brother in highway construction. My mother and I arrived in America in January 1947. I had the good fortune to grow up in construction camps alongside highway projects that were ongoing in the wild west at that time. In the late 1940's our Country was in the infancy of beginning the Interstate highway system.

My father was an entrepreneur and was always looking for an opportunity to own a business that he could direct and grow. That opportunity came in 1962 with the purchase of a fledgling repair service company that came up for sale. Mason purchased the business, known then as Crusher Service Company. We were a repair company that specialized in rebuilding crusher rolls and jaw plates. The very first year of operation was extremely difficult, as resources were tight, and the work was hard. My Mother was the office staff, secretary, accountant, and payroll person. My Father and I were the only reliable full time help. And sometimes I am sure my Father wondered about me. We had challenges of servicing the customers across the fifth largest state in the Country, New Mexico. To do so required the dare to purchase service trucks and hire people to work on their own in remote job sites. There were successes and failures as we slowly grew.

Toward the end of the 60's it became apparent that the processes of producing roadway material had to change due to the intense amount of labor and cost of the compression crushing methods being used. This demand of change caused us to seek out a solution to the problem of creating chips and fines more readily for the highway contractors. Our solution was a Vertical Shaft Impact crusher. We built the first one in 1967 and endured through the development process of trial and error. The first Turbo crusher was sold in 1969 and is still in service.

Here I am today, located in a 144,000 sq. ft. facility sitting on 23 acres of property. I have a solid team armed with state of the art technology...and you know what? We can make anything".

Neil R Hise